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    Parrot launches Anafi, a foldable 4K drone that shoots HDR video

    Parrot, a French drone company known for its Bebop drones, has unveiled its latest consumer drone, the Anafi. Both on paper and in photos, this consumer-centric drone appears to be a direct competitor to DJI’s Mavic Air. Its fold-out design is almost identical to the Mavic Air. It weighs just...
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    RED simplifies cinema camera lineup, dramatically drops prices

    If you’re in the market for a new RED camera, you’re in luck. The California-based cinema camera company has announced that it’s both simplifying its product lineup, and dropping prices on all of its cameras. Starting today, RED’s product lineup has been pared down to just three cameras: the...
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    RED and Lucid unveil 8K 3D camera that produces 4V holographic video in real time

    Computer vision company Lucid and cinema camera maker RED have partnered to create an 8K 3D camera that can capture 4-view (4V) holographic images and video in real-time. The camera is designed to work with RED's upcoming holographic Hydrogen One smartphone—both by shooting holographic content...
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    Behind the scenes: Shooting a documentary atop a moving train

    From 2015 to 2017, filmmaker Miguel de Olaso (AKA Macgregor) and his crew spend many months traveling back and forth on the famed Mauritanian Railway—one of the longest and heaviest trains in the world, the so-called 'Backbone of the Sahara—to document the grueling journey endured by merchants...
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    Video: Soulumination and the gift of photography

    Soulumination is a non-profit organization that provides life-affirming legacy photography to families facing serious medical conditions, completely free of charge. In addition to the services donated by photographers, community volunteers make handcrafted photo albums and other gifts for the...
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    This is why Google's impressive object removal tool was never released

    At its 2018 I/O developer conference Google presented a number of improvements to its Photos app, but there was no talk about an exciting feature that was demoed the previous year: an object removal tool that automatically removes obstructions like fences, window panes from your photos. The...
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    Nikon restructuring and strong D850 sales lead to 8x increase in annual profit

    All of the camera manufacturers have been reporting their annual profits over the last month or two, and while we don't typically cover individual company financial results, Nikon's report stands out. That's because, despite a modest 4% drop in revenue, the company reported a whopping 776%...
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    Shooting Greenland in Winter: Part 2 - The Better Part of Winter

    In the previous article, I wrote about reaching Uummannaq and the relatively difficult conditions I found in the beginning. Luckily, the days after the gale had passed were much more comfortable, so I began scouting around and shooting, and continued to do so throughout my stay. The little...
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    ON1 reveals Photo RAW 2018.5 with 'massive performance boost', LUTs and more

    ON1 has released a major update to its ON1 Photo RAW photo editor. Version 2018.5 will be available in June and boasts, "a massive boost in overall performance" in addition to bug fixes and two major feature additions: a new LUTs filter in the effects panel, and the ability to select...
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    DJI launches Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 drone with 'OcuSync' and 60% quieter flight

    Following numerous leaks, DJI has officially launched its new Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 drone today: basically a Phantom 4 Pro with a new 'OcuSync' transmission system for high-res low-latency video transmission, and a 4 decibel reduction in flying noise (that makes it 60% quieter). Beyond these two...
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    Video: How to pack for a two-month photo expedition

    Dave Morrow—a well-respected outdoor photographer from outside Seattle, Washington—has shared a behind-the-scenes video detailing the gear he’s taken on his latest photo expedition. The 20-minute video provides an insightful overview of the gear he packs with him in his vehicle and in his...
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    Crystal clear: Inside Nikon's Hikari Glass factory

    Inside Nikon's Hikari Glass factory Located about 375 miles north of Tokyo in the Akita Prefecture, the Hikari Glass factory is a special place. Opened back in the 1970s, Hikari Glass has been a wholly owned subsidiary of Nikon since 2004. If you shoot with Nikon lenses, the chances are good...
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    DxO Labs confirms bankruptcy, but promises updates to Nik Collection and DxO PhotoLab

    DxO Labs has released an official update on its financial situation in the form of a blog post on its website, and it’s not as doom-and-gloom as it seems... or sounds. While the statement confirms DxO Labs has chosen "to file for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection and is now in the process of...
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    Wildlife Photographer of the Year winner disqualified for using stuffed animal

    The winner of the Environment category of the prestigious Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition has been disqualified after the competition’s organizers discovered the anteater starring in his dramatic nighttime image is stuffed. According to the competition, photographer Marcio...
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    Here's how to create a super resolution photo with any camera

    This is a super resolution image, creating by combining four photos in Photoshop. We recently tested out the Pentax K-1 II's new hand-held Pixel Shift mode which combines four images to create a 'super resolution' file in-camera with better detail, dynamic range and lower noise. Sadly, it also... is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to