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    Looking for birding shots

    Hello, I have just moved to Lake Stevens, Washington and I have seen lots of great birds but haven't found places to photograph the birds. Can anyone recommend any areas in the vicinity that are open to photographers? Thank you, Susan B
  2. Wild Iris

    Wild Iris

  3. Taking a drink

    Taking a drink

    Anna's Hummingbird
  4. Columbine


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    Is Refurbished a good idea?

    Hello, I thought I had seen this question posted before but could not find it in my search. It would appear that my Canon 30D may be biting the dust and I am going to need to replace it. Canon told me about their "Loyalty" program where you can buy a refurbished camera body to replace your...
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    Tyring to slow down moving sand

    Thank you both, Mike-PDX and Railgeek for replying, I wasn't even quite sure of what my question was but I knew I was really missing something. Mike, you explained why the sand shots just didn't do anything (I kept thinking that they should be dramatic). Railgeek, thank you for helping me...
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    Tyring to slow down moving sand

    Hello, I haven't posted in quite a while but I would really like some advice on how to get the technique down of slowing down the water. I was at the coast during one of those "hurricane force winds" storms and I tried to capture the moving sand in the same manner that I have tried to...
  8. Nest Time

    Nest Time

    This Chickadee was busy excavating a nest in the top of a snag
  9. Hey You

    Hey You

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    I finally had my lens fixed

    Hi Rocky, these were taken with my 70-300mm IS Cannon Lens. You were correct, they were straight out of the camera with no PP. I attached one from today that I did use the USM on but looking at it now....:(
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    I finally had my lens fixed

    Well, it took me months to send it in, but I finally sent both the camera and my lens. They replaced the auto focus mechanism on my lens. Now, the big test, can I manage to get any clear shots?:) The following are just some flower shots to see if there was any improvement? Comments and...
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    Sending lens and camera in?

    Thank you for the link, and the good news that it only took 2 weeks, I had been told it could take up to 6 weeks:eek: I will be sending them both in to be looked at. Susan
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    Sending lens and camera in?

    Scott, Thank you for explaining how the autofocus mechanism works. I have made my decision to send in both. Susan
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    Sending lens and camera in?

    Bob, it is my only lens, but I tried one of ejones' lenses and it seemed to be much clearer. I still have the extended warranty so I guess I had better get it done. It will be hard to give up my camera and lens but I have been wondering about renting? Have you ever rented a lens or camera...
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    Sending lens and camera in?

    Hello, I am finally going to send my Canon 70-300 mm lens in to see why I can't get clear focus:mad:, even on auto-focus (which by the way, hardly ever locks on to anything very fast). I was told by someone in a camera store that it would be best if I sent in both my camera body and the lens... is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to