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    Beautiful, Bill!
  2. Terry O

    Another rare vagrant

    Amazing, Rocky!!!! Congratulations! Terry
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    Woodway Deer in Action

    Yesterday evening our dog started barking in the house, having spotted a deer in our back area. Fortunately it did not eat up my Wife's vegetable garden :).
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    Woodway Deer

    Maybe the same doe that visited us yesterday. Terry
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    Baird's sandpiper - uncommon visitor

    Great eye spotting this guy, Rocky, and very nice photo! I like the gray-brown and green tones - go nicely with the bird! Terry
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    Started out as a Sunset Shot

    Wish you were joking, Bill!
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    Is this my best side?

    I should say so! Nice, Deka Terry
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    Started out as a Sunset Shot

    While trying to set up for one of our now regular smoke-filtered sun shots, I though 'so what if some great bird comes and lands right in front of me?'.....the next thing I knew, this juvie Coopers Hawk landed on our arena fence just below me. (Canon 5diii, 400mm f4l 1/1250s f5.6 hand held) As...
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    Black-headed grosbeak having a "smoothie"...

    Love it Rocky! Its a great shot, even if you did have to bribe her!
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    Feeding time

    Very very nice, Rocky! Looks to me like you are really enjoying your new digs! Terry
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    Edmonds Eagles 2017-2018

    Yep, I'm impressed! Its time I upgraded. I'll watch Kenmore's used stuff. BTW I'm just getting my new iMac setup. Quite a transition from using a PC for about 30 years......but I'm loving it so far. Terry
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    Tufted puffin, Cannon Beach

    Great shot, Rocky. I've been there and I know the distances are large. Impressive.
  13. Terry O

    Wildlife of Edmonds, WA. 2018

    I agree, Bill, your 2xiii is quite sharp - I may have to try it out :). Quite an improvement over the ii series! Terry
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    Snowy plover, 7/12

    Yes, a rare shot, Rocky. I have yet to photograph one. We attended the Grays Harbor Bird fest earlier this year and attempted to see them in their nesting area on the beach dunes of Graylands State Park. Tough place to raise chicks considering all the dogs and foot traffic that walk to the...
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    Evening grosbeak

    Very nice, indeed, Rocky. Yes, I basically don't like feeder shots, unless of course its some rarely seen bird and no other opportunities. Nice work! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to