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  1. Terry O

    Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge 12-24-2018

    Wow, Bill what a terrific set of photos! I must say, Daren is getting very very good! Terry
  2. Terry O

    Sunsets of Edmonds, WA.

    Very nice work, Daren!! Same to you Bill,, but Daren takes the cake! Terry
  3. Terry O

    White-throated sparrow

    Nice work, Rocky!
  4. Terry O

    Wildlife of Edmonds, WA. 2018

    Nice to see good ol' Westley (sp?) Good shots, Bill
  5. Terry O

    Hooded Merganser

    Just to prove I am still alive. I managed to get out last evening (Nov. 8) and get a few shots using my Canon 500 f4L + 2xiii extender. Second time out with it and since Bill mentioned the Merganser being at Spague Pond, I thought it would be a good test. This was late evening (well only...
  6. Terry O

    Teleconverter Stack Shots

    I agree, Bill. I think the 1.4x stacked on the 2x really doesn't offer much, considering no auto focus and a noticeable degradation of sharpness. Terry
  7. Terry O

    Teleconverter Stack Shots

    Interesting comparisons Bill. With a little sharpening (based in part on my playing with shots I took at the same time as you did) I think it will be hard to tell how much we were able to multiply the focal length by just looking at the results. It will be interesting to get a couple of shots...
  8. Terry O

    Westport pelicans

    Great time of year for them and so nice to see them at least partially in breeding plumage. Nice work, Rocky! Terry
  9. Terry O

    Wildlife of Edmonds, WA. 2018

    Good photos, Bill. What lenses were you using?
  10. Terry O


    Beautiful, Bill!
  11. Terry O

    Another rare vagrant

    Amazing, Rocky!!!! Congratulations! Terry
  12. Terry O

    Woodway Deer in Action

    Yesterday evening our dog started barking in the house, having spotted a deer in our back area. Fortunately it did not eat up my Wife's vegetable garden :).
  13. Terry O

    Woodway Deer

    Maybe the same doe that visited us yesterday. Terry
  14. Terry O

    Baird's sandpiper - uncommon visitor

    Great eye spotting this guy, Rocky, and very nice photo! I like the gray-brown and green tones - go nicely with the bird! Terry
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    Started out as a Sunset Shot

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