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  1. Tony S

    Plane Spotters... help with ID on this jet??

    I bet Mel is not flying this one. lol
  2. Tony S

    Plane Spotters... help with ID on this jet??

    I found the info on the jet by doing searches with different variations of the plane model and the number that was on the side of it and found the corporation that owns it,but nothing about why it's here in the area. It's owned by a company out of Henderson Nevada that contracts with the...
  3. Tony S

    Plane Spotters... help with ID on this jet??

    I am guessing that it was over in Tacoma at JBLM. After it flew circles here for and hour it made a straight line for over that direction, then came back about 40 minutes later and made another hours worth of circling passes. The darned thing almost hit the moon.
  4. Tony S

    Plane Spotters... help with ID on this jet??

    OK, this guy has been flying circles around the house for the last three days. South Pierce County all around Eatonville and the west side of Mt Rainier. Looks like it heads back to JBLM when it needs fuel after flying around for an hour, then comes back 40 minutes later. Anyone know anything...
  5. Tony S

    Mt Rainier sunrise Saturday morning.

    I hate getting up early in the morning, so it took me getting a 24hr overtime shift to get me out before sunrise. It was well worth the effort as I left early enough to stop and get some pictures of the pre-sunrise light that lit up the sky and Clear Lake. After I had taken a few pictures then...
  6. Tony S

    Hummingbirds, anyone?

    Need to get out the studded snow wings...
  7. Tony S

    Starry Night

    Bob, you sure those are stars and not burned out pixels on your sensor? :eek:
  8. Tony S

    Saturday's view of "Mt Seattle Sehawks".

    And one last one with the light only on the mountain...
  9. Tony S

    Saturday's view of "Mt Seattle Sehawks".

    It's only going to be called that for another hour or so, but here is Mt Rainier yesterday evening when it was almost all covered in clouds and cleared out in about 35 minutes. it is amazing at how fast not only the light changes, but also the cloud cover sometimes.
  10. Tony S

    Scott Kelby on Canon

    A lot of the problems in the review Bob posted have been handled in recent firmware updates... that review is a year and a half old, which in digital time is eons. Don't worry about brand, find one that works for you and run with it.
  11. Tony S


    It's most likely part of the ebb and flow that most forums go through. I find the blog posts a bit boring and clutters the new messages page hiding the members posts in all of them, if I want to read those I will go to the blog site, but that's just me.
  12. Tony S

    Christmas Birds

    It's good to see birds in blue, the only ones around here are the stellars jays. Christmas day when I was at the parents I got the eagles, but I did not spend any time out at their feeders where they have at least a dozen hummingbirds dive bombing anything that moves near the feeder. Seems to...
  13. Tony S

    Eagle Hot Spot

    Only a couple up the Puyallup leg off of Oroville Road, the salmon are hitting the Carbon pretty heavy so food is easier there. I've never seen so many eagles there before, my parents have to keep a close eye on their little mutt when they let him out. But there were about a dozen or so cow elk...
  14. Tony S

    A "differebnt" view of Mt Rainier

    A little something "off the wall" (bad pun intended). The reflection in the window of the neighbor's garage this evening. It looked like someone hung a painting on the side of their garage.
  15. Tony S

    Eagle Hot Spot

    They do come in close, but I had to hurry back to the house for dinner. (OK, I admit it, I was also a weenie out there in just short sleeves in the fog and cold). Here's a pair that came by and I had to pick up the 400 with monopod and all to swing over my head to get them. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to