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  1. Tony S

    Plane Spotters... help with ID on this jet??

    OK, this guy has been flying circles around the house for the last three days. South Pierce County all around Eatonville and the west side of Mt Rainier. Looks like it heads back to JBLM when it needs fuel after flying around for an hour, then comes back 40 minutes later. Anyone know anything...
  2. Tony S

    Mt Rainier sunrise Saturday morning.

    I hate getting up early in the morning, so it took me getting a 24hr overtime shift to get me out before sunrise. It was well worth the effort as I left early enough to stop and get some pictures of the pre-sunrise light that lit up the sky and Clear Lake. After I had taken a few pictures then...
  3. Tony S

    Saturday's view of "Mt Seattle Sehawks".

    It's only going to be called that for another hour or so, but here is Mt Rainier yesterday evening when it was almost all covered in clouds and cleared out in about 35 minutes. it is amazing at how fast not only the light changes, but also the cloud cover sometimes.
  4. Tony S

    A "differebnt" view of Mt Rainier

    A little something "off the wall" (bad pun intended). The reflection in the window of the neighbor's garage this evening. It looked like someone hung a painting on the side of their garage.
  5. Tony S

    Eagle Hot Spot

    Right now there is a great gathering of eagles on the Carbon river above the fish hatchery in Orting. In just five minutes behind my mom and dad's on the river I counted over 60 eagles. This picture is not the best, but look close, there are 13 eagles in the trees in this one shot taken across...
  6. Tony S

    The park is closed... but the views are not.

    The national park has the gates closed, but at least we can see the mountain from all over the place on this wonderful Saturday. Harsh noon light, but it still looks grand with it's new coat of snow. Wide... Close ... And closer...
  7. Tony S

    Opening Day

    Those that got out before sunrise got fish and missed getting rained on. I kept hearing lots of " I got another one" for the little bit I was there.
  8. Tony S

    Some Mt Rainier snaps from today.

    I was out running errands today while also shooting a baseball game and stopped to shoot Rainier from several different spots on my way. I even managed to get some color on my hairless head without getting a sunburn. All taken during the middle of the afternoon with my CP on the end of the...
  9. Tony S

    Yikes it has been cold.

    But at least I got some sunshine today which helped to light the frost on everything out in the yard. Taken with the 100mm macro at anywhere from 6" to 12" away, even at f32 that's only .36 for the area in focus.
  10. Tony S

    No travel bird photography

    Put up a feeder and then stalk the little guys in the trees and bushes as they wait their turn to pick the seeds. Save some gas. Taken between quarters of the different football games yesterday afternoon. ..
  11. Tony S

    Wintery Mt Rainier

    The clouds cleared today for some nice views of Mt Rainier. As of this afternoon there are 114" of snow at Paradise. 1. 2.
  12. Tony S

    Did you see it today?

    The sun came out. What a day, and so did Mt Rainier. A little after noon on our way to a doctor visit... And later on after we got back home...
  13. Tony S

    Twigs moving in the brush.

    Twigs moving in the brush, a fall love story. Some interesting twigs moving about in the blackberry patch from yesterday. This youngster is in rut and chasing his girlfriend all over the place. The bigger guy should be moving into the area soon when the rest of the does are ready. Hidden in...
  14. Tony S

    Natrures skywared abstract

    A few cloud formations from the front the came in Thursday evening. There is an optical illusion here where the bottoms of the clouds seem closer when in fact the ones at the top are closest, it's an interesting perspective on clouds taken with the 400mm 2.8 IS. Shot looking out an an angle...
  15. Tony S

    First Dusting of Snow

    Well Mt Rainier went from a lot of rocks from a dry summer of melting snow to an instant snow cone over night with the snow level coming down during yesterdays weather front blowing through.
  16. Tony S

    A rare sighting...

    Yep, captured the elusive big foot while out shooting the water falls and river this afternoon. Set exposure to capture the background, then used off camera flash to expose the goofball in the foreground so his face was not filled with shadows. Expsoure info.... ISO 200 1.3 seconds @...
  17. Tony S

    The Veiled Entrance

    The bottom of the Little Mashell falls after the 125 foot drop. It's large enough to get in behind the water, perhaps if I had a waterproof housing I would try for shots from the backside. Anyways, I was out getting the waterfall and river shots today after our long drought and expected rain...
  18. Tony S

    Harvest Moon Rising Sept. 29th

    Much tougher assignment to get it and the mountain tonight. The trick I found was trying to expose for that danged bright moon, get the mountain, and maintain some of the alpen glow still remaining in the sky. It helped that the moon was coming up through a layer of clouds that helped filter...
  19. Tony S

    My Sept 28th harvest moon rising.

    Holy smokes !! Here I am sitting at the football field in Eatonville eating a hamburger when all of a sudden there is this moon that starts sneaking up through the clouds on the mountain. I didn't even remember about the moon rising, I had only a short bit before getting to the field stopped...
  20. Tony S

    Monday afternoon soccer match.

    I've been behind in putting many photos up. Had to get a new computer when my old one took a nose dive, had almost everything backed up and what I didn't I can still luckily recover. So here's some soccer from out in the smoke yesterday. Out here in Eatonville the visibility has dropped... is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to