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  1. BobH


    Did a few minor software upgrades, mostly small improvements and bug fixes. Let me know if you see anything odd.
  2. BobH

    Arlington Flyin - Slow shutter speed on fast moving objects.

    A word of caution about using it on trains though. Ideally, the sensor will remain parallel to the motion of the subject during the entire exposure. For the planes, that was easy, I shot with a long lens, and so the amount of arc I swung during the shot was small. For trains, you'd need to be a...
  3. BobH

    Arlington Flyin - Slow shutter speed on fast moving objects.

    Trains are a great subject for it, as their path is predictable and they move at a relatively steady speed. So they're really good for trying this out.
  4. BobH

    Arlington Flyin - Slow shutter speed on fast moving objects.

    I attended the Arlington Flyin on Saturday. It was my first time at the venue, and they put on a great show. Nice crowd but the place is big, so plenty of room right on the rope line for the big air show. Another photographer I know was there, and he encouraged me to try some slow shutter speeds...
  5. BobH

    The Broccoli Tree

    We've talked about this problem before. Do you share locations or not? What happens when you do? Is it worth the risk? Also, if you don't share locations, do you think that others also shouldn't share them? How many of your favorite locations have you found with help from others? It's a good...
  6. BobH

    R.J From N Seattle

    Also, I think I may have upgraded the imaging system after you joined. (I know I upgraded it, just can't recall exactly when...) It now accepts much larger images than it did when I first set it up, so if you haven't tried within the last couple of weeks, please try again.
  7. BobH

    R.J From N Seattle

    What happens when you try to post photos? Are you getting an error message? It can handle images that are quite large, what size are they?
  8. BobH

    Parrot launches Anafi, a foldable 4K drone that shoots HDR video

    One thing I do NOT see mentioned is any type of obstacle avoidance system. DJI does have that, and it's very useful. My drone does not, and while pacing a train and flying sideways last weekend I came within inches of taking a macro shot of a tree. Fortunately a noticed a branch at the edge of...
  9. BobH

    Pelican pix

    Ah, f11, that 'splains it. I typically have trouble getting that while keeping the shutter speed at 1/1000th.
  10. BobH

    Do Megapixels Matter?

    From B&H Photo - Digital cameras run the gamut when it comes to megapixels. A Megapixel is simply the resolution of a camera, but with numbers ranging anywhere from 10, 20, 50, or even more megapixels, what is the affect on image quality, and how important are megapixels really? In this video...
  11. BobH

    Pelican pix

    Impressive, and quite a nice job of getting all three in the stack in focus! What aperture were you at?
  12. BobH

    Tufted Puffins in Washington State?

    I saw that, and so far that seems to be the only one I've managed to find. It's a shame that they're so scarce these days.
  13. Seabeck Eagle

    Seabeck Eagle

    Bald Eagle in Seabeck, WA
  14. BobH

    Birds of Plain Washington, Memorial Day Weekend 2018

    Very nice, looks like you did really well over the weekend!
  15. BobH

    Seabeck Eagle

    It's all about the fish. I knew when I got there that things weren't going to be great, as there were no herons to speak of. No herons means no fish which means no eagles. If it's a bad year for the fish run, it will be a bad year for eagles.
  16. BobH

    Eagle Talon Lock, Seabeck, WA

    Thanks, it does take a lot of work, and a lot of luck, to get shots like this. Now my goal is to get one even closer, so it's super sharp.
  17. BobH

    Eagle Talon Lock, Seabeck, WA

    Once you've been photographing eagles for a while, you start going after some of the more challenging photos. Typical ones include snagging a fish out of the water, mating in mid-air, and a fight with a talon lock. Usually fleeting, they're all tough to capture. Today I used my extreme skill...
  18. BobH

    Pileated woodpecker

    Very nice, I haven't been lucky enough to find one, though admittedly I haven't tried that hard.
  19. BobH

    Light Show

    Wow, just wow... If you're wondering why I have the software set up to post these daily, it's for images like this. Photos like this one can both teach you about photography as well as inspire you in your craft. What a great shot. There's also a lesson here, patience and persistence can pay off!
  20. BobH

    Canon Ends Production of SLR Film Cameras

    Canon has officially discontinued production of film cameras. (Say it with me... "What?!? They were still making new SLR film cameras?!?" Yes, apparently they still were.) Here, via Google Translate, is the official announcement, slightly mangled in translation. ### Notice concerning sales... is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to