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  1. Bill Anderson

    Natural History Museum Wildlife Photographer of the Year announcement

    Check out photo #12 of a bison in Yellowstone Park made by our very own Max Waugh. Photo #7 of a cougar attacking a llama was taken in Patagonia in southern Chile where Max has led groups to photograph...
  2. Bill Anderson

    Hallowe'en at the Marsh

    To get into the Hallowe'en "spirits", every October Edmonds has a scarecrow contest. Businesses and residents alike put out entries. Monday afternoon (10-14-19) my son and I found this on the shelf of the #2 (main) viewing platform of the marsh. Maybe it is an entry to the scarecrow contest...
  3. Bill Anderson

    Kenmore Camera Digital Photo 11/2-3/2019

    Time once again for Kenmore Camera's annual digital photo expo at the Lynnwood Convention Center. Run through the list of speakers and classes. Some look to be very interesting. If you decide to go, arrive early as the expo is well attended and the parking lot in the back tends to fill up...
  4. Bill Anderson

    MIA: Canuck the Crow

    I received this message from someone who knows I am often out photographing birds. She requested that I pass it on to my fellow avian photographers. Not sure if you know about Canuck the crow in Vancouver, BC? He is a semi-tame wild crow that is famous on social media. He went missing nearly...
  5. Bill Anderson

    RFI: Wildlife Photography Magazine

    I would like to subscribe to a wildlife photography magazine..... a real, paper magazine, not an e-zine on the internet. Does anyone have a suggestion or recommendation?
  6. Bill Anderson

    Northern Lights 8/31-9/2/2019

    The Northern Lights are predicted to be very visible in the PNW this weekend.
  7. Bill Anderson

    Critters of the Edmonds Marsh

    As a matter of default, I primarily photograph birds at the Edmonds (WA) marsh since they are its most prevalent and visible wildlife. Bird photos now have their own forum, so I'm going to start this thread in the WIldlife and Animals forum as a one-stop shop for photos of all non avian photos...
  8. Bill Anderson

    Snow Scenes 2019

    My first winter in the Puget Sound region was 1991-92. It was snowless, which I thought was the norm. I later read that it was the first winter for the area without a recorded snowfall in recorded history. Since then, snowless winters have become the norm rather than the exception. I also...
  9. Bill Anderson

    Icicle 2-4-2019

    Monday at sunset I tried to get some artsy shots of an icicle on my back deck. It had snowed the night before and temps stayed in the low 20's all day.
  10. Bill Anderson

    Fir Island and Samish Flats 1-13-2019

    After what has seemed like an eternity of dark and rainy days, my son and I took advantage of a clear Sunday (1-13-19) to head up north. First stop was the Hayton Farm Reserve on Fir Island. The view from the road leading to the parking lot is quite scenic. There is a large flock of ducks...
  11. Bill Anderson

    Birds of Edmonds, WA. 2019

    New year, new thread. Monday afternoon (1-7-19) was bright and sunny, so Daren and I went to the marsh after the Save Our Marsh meeting was adjourned. The only photogenic birds I saw were a few herons. One was in the grass fairly close to the boardwalk. I was surprised that it did not fly...
  12. Bill Anderson

    Free Solo: the movie

    Last week my son and I went to see Free Solo at the Crest Theater. No, it isn't another Star Wars sequel but a movie documenting Alex Honnold's record first solo climb without ropes of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park. The movie was...
  13. Bill Anderson

    Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge 12-24-2018

    The Christmas get together of our extended family in the Portland-Vancouver area was scheduled for 12-23-18 due to the availability of a room large enough to hold all of us. The following day, Christmas Eve, my family and I drove out the Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge River S unit for a...
  14. Bill Anderson

    Samish Flats and Fir Island 12-03-18

    Monday was sunny, so my son and I drove up north. First stop was the DFW area on the Samish flats called the "West 90" by birders. Since it was so sunny, I attached the 7DII to the 500L telephoto lens + 2x III teleconverter for a really long reach. I was very disappointed with those shots...
  15. Bill Anderson

    Fir Island 11-19-2018

    My son and I returned to Fir Island Monday afternoon (11-19-18). First stop was Wylie Slough. The tide was coming in and a small flock of yellowlegs flying northeast did not give me hope of seeing many shorebirds. Several herons were present. They proved to be very photogenic as I could...
  16. Bill Anderson

    Fir Island 11-8-2018

    Thursday (11-8-18) my son and I headed up north. We struck out at the West 90 but did well at the Fir Island Farms Reserve Unit, commonly referred to on Tweeters as "Hayton." Island Farms Reserve/ No snow geese were present when we drove...
  17. Bill Anderson

    Return to Standard Time

    Be sure to reset your cameras to standard time if the camera does not do it automatically.
  18. Bill Anderson

    Teleconverter Stack Shots

    I had a Canon 2x series II teleconverter which I never used because I thought the images were too soft. This summer Kenmore Camera had a used Canon 2x series III for sale, so I purchased it. I have been very happy with the images I have gotten using it with my 4.0/500L telephoto lens. It has...
  19. Bill Anderson

    Edmonds Autumn 2018

    To date we have had a very beautiful autumn as there have been no rain or wind storms to knock the leaves off the trees. Although fog has socked in the downtown for the past few days, I thought I should still get out today (Tuesday, 10-23-18) as rain was predicted for tomorrow. Sure enough...
  20. Bill Anderson

    Fir Island & Eide Road 10-11-18

    Thursday my son and I drove north to various DFW locations on Fir Island and Eide Rd. near Stanwood. In short, no snow geese or shore birds and very few raptors. Here are my photos in no particular chronological order. A kestrel taken from my pickup. I think this was on Eide Road. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to