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  1. Bill Anderson

    Townsend's warbler

    Great shots!
  2. Bill Anderson

    Best of 2019

    I will check out your album later. Thanks for posting.
  3. Bill Anderson


    You may have captured a falcon flying off with a dunlin in the last two photos. The auto focus of the 7DII is definitely better than that of the 5DIV. One advantage of the full frame 5DIV is that it handles high ISO settings better than the crop frame 7DII. You can always spring for the new...
  4. Bill Anderson

    Great Bear Rainforest 2019

    Good photos. I saw a TV show on the Great Bear Rain Forest not too long ago. A white coat would usually be a disadvantage for an animal to survive in the wild. There is a theory that the white coats of spirit bears are an advantage in that they make them more difficult to be seen by salmon...
  5. Bill Anderson

    Young Eagle

    He was checking to see if you were Rocky the Bird Whisperer.
  6. Bill Anderson

    Mandarin ducks

    I speak Mandarin. You should have asked me along to translate.
  7. Bill Anderson

    Birds of Edmonds, WA. 2019

    Saturday (11-30-19) a male pileated woodpecker was smacking away at one of our backyard habitat trees. The woodpecker is probably a visitor from nearby Pine Ridge Park. Top
  8. Bill Anderson

    Ruby-crowned Kinglet

    Good shots of my nemesis bird. It even flashed its ruby crown for you.
  9. Bill Anderson

    Cold Coots

  10. Bill Anderson

    Birds of Edmonds, WA. 2019

    Interesting article about the spread of Anna's hummingbirds on Bird Note.
  11. Bill Anderson

    Birds of Edmonds, WA. 2019

    Veterans Day (11-11-19) at the marsh. A pair of spotted towhees has inhabited the area around the #2 (main) viewing platform for the past 2-3 years. Both were foraging under the bushes. They are very photogenic among the autumn foliage. Wesley was not impressed.
  12. Bill Anderson

    Bewick's wren thinks it's a nuthatch...

    It's not nice to fool the Bird Whisperer. :mad:
  13. Bill Anderson

    Eurasian wigeon

    I think that photo used to be your avatar if that helps you find it.
  14. Bill Anderson

    A Sunrise

    Great shot. Details??????????????
  15. Bill Anderson

    Lessors in Mist

    Looks like they were coming after you ala Hitchcock's The Birds.
  16. Bill Anderson


    Good shot. I try not to shoot at an ISO higher than 500 with my 7DII. With that big telephoto zoom of yours, I recommend toting a tripod or monopod like Rocky so you can use as slow a shutter speed as possible,
  17. Bill Anderson

    Eurasian wigeon

    Watch out for a storm wigeon. Rocky can explain what they are, as so far he is the only one who has posted up a photo of one.
  18. Bill Anderson

    Eurasian wigeon

    Good find. I have not seen a Eurasian in several years and have never seen one of your storm wigeons.
  19. Bill Anderson

    Birds of Edmonds, WA. 2019

    Doesn't your Goldwing have a top box and hardbags? Take the camera with you while you are out riding. It's a law of nature that you see the best wildlife when you leave the camera at home.
  20. Bill Anderson

    Birds of Edmonds, WA. 2019

    Things are pretty quiet at the marsh with the tide gate shut. A flock of geese flying from the Unocal grounds northeast toward Civic Park provided some noise. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to