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  1. Abandoned Store

    Abandoned Store

    In Wishram, WA.
  2. Cement Plant

    Cement Plant

    The abandoned cement plant at Lime, OR is being destroyed. It may be completely gone now as this photo was taken 9 months ago on June 3, 2018.
  3. Abandoned


    Gas station in Dodson, OR.
  4. Abandoned


    Abandoned house beside the Wilson River north of Klamath Falls, OR. Photographed from the Coast Starlight.
  5. Old Cabin

    Old Cabin

    On the bank of the Williamson River. Taken from the northbound Coast Starlight.
  6. Old Gas Station

    Old Gas Station

    An old gas station in Thrall, near Ellensburg, Washington.
  7. timmo

    Old House #2 (mystery house)

    I managed to find myself a bit off the usual path today, first going by this place: The glare in my eyes confused me, and I ended up going this way for a while: But I eventually found shelter here. The roof needs some work but the tree in front reminds me of where I grew up (Cleveland): Of...
  8. timmo

    Old House

    I came across this place in my travels today: I didn't intend to go inside, but the door was open, here's the kitchen: All the stuff on the ground was animal poop, it smelled pretty bad: The lounge: Upstairs: And my attempt at making it more creepy in black and white...
  9. Cold safety

    Cold safety

    January in Lincon park, Portland, Or 38F
  10. Cowboy shack

    Cowboy shack

    Cowboy shack at the edge of the desert.
  11. Prairie Schoolhouse

    Prairie Schoolhouse

    Abandoned schoolhouse on Camas Prairie.
  12. Auto Repair Shop

    Auto Repair Shop

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