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  1. fiznatty

    Idaho Birds & Other New PNW Wildlife Photos

    I've updated my ongoing Pacific Northwest 2018 gallery with photos from my May Idaho and Montana visits, as well as a few miscellaneous shots from my recent San Juan Islands tour (where I photographed all the foxes). View the full gallery here. Here's a short preview: A fox kit peeks out of...
  2. fiznatty

    Canada Goose Courtship

    I had a day tour in BC last week, which was highlighted by some nice bird activity. Something new for me was witnessing Canada goose courtship. The geese take turns dipping their heads in the water and splashing around, to show each other they're ready to mate. There was a lot of this going...
  3. fiznatty

    Costa Rica 2013

    I've been fortunate to visit Costa Rica a number of times over the years, and will be heading back to lead a tour next month. In 2013 I got to spend a full month there. I was leading a couple of tours, and I also had some time in between to fit in some scouting. This ended up being the best...
  4. fiznatty

    Brazil 2017 Birds

    In late July I traveled to western Brazil to scout locations for a future photo tour. The main wildlife attraction in the area is jaguars--it's the best place on earth to see and photograph them in the wild--but there's loads of other wildlife as well. I've made several trips to the Latin...
  5. fiznatty

    Eastern Idaho, May 2017

    In May I drove over to Yellowstone for my annual spring visit, but not without stopping at a couple of refuges in eastern Idaho that produced some nice photo ops for me last year. Though the owl action wasn't nearly as good this year, I still had some nice photo opportunities with various...
  6. fiznatty

    PNW Wildlife from January

    I led a three day private tour here in the Pacific Northwest a couple weeks ago. We had excellent weather (which, at this time of year means cold and, more importantly, clear). Activity in some of the usual hot spots was down, which gave us an opportunity spend more time photographing...
  7. fiznatty

    Skagit Valley: Final Shoot of the Year

    I led a private tour up in the Skagit area on December 30th, giving me one final opportunity to shoot before the end of the year. We were blessed with some nice weather. Though the Short-eared owls were active, they did not fly particularly close. However, we were fortunate to have some...
  8. fiznatty

    Costa Rica 2016 Birds

    I've published another gallery of new photos on my website. This time, I finally caught up on processing images from my Costa Rica trip back in March. This trip covered two different photo tours plus a little time on my own in between. I was there nearly a month. Due to the amount of...
  9. fiznatty

    South Africa 2016 Birds

    In July I headed to South Africa to do a bit of location scouting and to lead a photo safari. It was a highly successful trip, from which I'll share more photos down the road. I've started by getting all the bird photos from the trip online. You can view the full South Africa 2016 Birds...
  10. Bald Eagles

    Bald Eagles

    A few of my eagle pics, including one of a young one just learning to hunt
  11. Bald Eagles

    Bald Eagles

    A few of my eagle pics, including one of a young one just learning to hunt
  12. Bald Eagles

    Bald Eagles

    A few of my eagle pics, including one of a young one just learning to hunt
  13. Bald Eagles

    Bald Eagles

    A few of my eagle pics, including one of a young one just learning to hunt
  14. Wooden Bird Carving

    Wooden Bird Carving

    Wooden Carvings of
  15. Stellar Jay

    Stellar Jay

  16. Nest Time

    Nest Time

    This Chickadee was busy excavating a nest in the top of a snag
  17. Bonapartes Gull

    Bonapartes Gull

    taking off at the Port of Port Orford
  18. Bald Eagles

    Bald Eagles

    Juvenile Bald Eagles in mock battle
  19. Hairy, Downey? Woodpecker

    Hairy, Downey? Woodpecker

    Grubbin' 1/15/11
  20. Mono Lake

    Mono Lake

    Sun came out from a cloud and lit up the tufa. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to