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  1. Flying Dog

    Flying Dog

    A merge of four images, illustrating the great fun this dog had jumping in to the Dungeness river after a Frisbee.
  2. climbbike

    Yakima Dog Agility Photos

    My wife runs with our two dogs in agility trials all the time but I usually don't do too much photography because it's usually inside some dark horse arena and such but last weekend they ran in an outdoor trial in Yakima. Here are a few photos from the event. Just having some fun...
  3. Frolicking Garden Dog

    Frolicking Garden Dog

    There's another DOG in my garden!
  4. My, What Big Ears You Have

    My, What Big Ears You Have

    We had just parted ways with our friends in Kruger National Park on our way to Mala Mala when we lucked into perhaps the rarest major predator in the park. Every day you can view recent animal sightings in Kruger on the maps at the various camps, and wild dogs were always seen less frequently...
  5. Yeager


    My AKC male German Shepherd
  6. Pretty Perdi

    Pretty Perdi

    Being Photogenic
  7. Pouting Perdi

    Pouting Perdi

    "I am not pouting!"
  8. Clamming - Long Beach, WA  Nov 20, 2010

    Clamming - Long Beach, WA Nov 20, 2010

    A Lady's best friend and nice weather too !
  9. things that go fast

    things that go fast

    whippet racing
  10. Samson in the Strait

    Samson in the Strait

  11. Spencer


  12. Charlie


    When we began our search for a dog last year, we had our names on several lists. In February we adopted Sarah, an 8 yr old border collie mix and then had our name taken off both lists. On April 26th I got a call - There is a dog in that wants a loving home to spoil him and he fit my...
  13. Dandie Dinmont Terrier Puppies

    Dandie Dinmont Terrier Puppies

  14. Courious Chow

    Courious Chow

    Chows are so expressive it seems one can read their minds.
  15. SopkePhoto

    Gotta Love Puppies!

    Here are a few of some puppies I was able to photograph while at the Tulip Festival in Woodland. Aren't they adoreable!?!
  16. Smart Dog

    Smart Dog

  17. SopkePhoto

    Happy Puppies

    I was down at the Portland Saturday Market taking photos when I came upon a lady with two very adorable puppies. She was more than glad to let me take their pictures. The puppies were semi-cooperative in that I was able to get good shots of each, but not good enough to get a decent shot of the...
  18. Working Girl

    Working Girl

    "Off duty" border collie still taking time to tend her charges.
  19. Ross and Jesse

    Ross and Jesse

    Ross and Jesse in the Sun Valley stables.
  20. Edwin and Amma

    Edwin and Amma

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