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  1. Zach

    Welcome!! Sorry I meant travel! Not “Tried”

    Hello! My name is Zachery, I was borned and raised in Washington, but I have tried to a lot of different places and countries! But I have never stopped falling in love with the scenery around me so I thought I would share with you all what I see through my eyes! If you would like to or is...
  2. timmo

    Ohio, Tennessee, and Louisiana (many pictures)

    For the last 4 weeks I have been traveling for work and while I didn't have a ton of time to myself with my camera I did manage to sneak in a few random pictures for those that are interested. Of course any comments/suggestions/complaints are welcome. The pictures are more or less in...
  3. Ginger and Shawn

    Ginger and Shawn

    My first couple shoot.
  4. Wedding Portraits

    Wedding Portraits

  5. April


  6. True Love

    True Love

  7. Joy


  8. Girl Among Flowers

    Girl Among Flowers

    I love how they appear to be falling
  9. beach girls

    beach girls

    WOW...great shot of Kam...she's only 12 yrs old.
  10. beach girls

    beach girls

    accidental lighting from my camera strap...
  11. Long and leggy

    Long and leggy

    My sister, Allison
  12. sky gazing

    sky gazing

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