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  1. L

    Darkroom availability near Tacoma?

    Hi all, I am new to this forum - and very happy to have found it! I recently moved down to Gig Harbor and I'm looking to use a darkroom in the area. I had previously been using one up in Seattle, but the drive is a bit much for me. Does anyone know of any darkrooms available for rent in...
  2. Loading Grain

    Loading Grain

  3. Pulp mill in Tacoma WA

    Pulp mill in Tacoma WA

    The Cause of the Aroma of Tacoma
  4. arlinescott

    Memorial for the Lakewood Four

    A memorial was held on December 8th, 2009 for four fallen Lakewood police officers. This solemn, yet magnificent tribute included a procession of emergency service vehicles that spanned 15 miles in length and took three hours to go from McChord Air Force Base to the Tacoma Dome. Along the...
  5. Underpass


    Procession honoring the Lakewood officers killed in the line of duty. Notice the citizens on the overpass waving flags and signs. This type of activity was seen on the entire procession route.
  6. Final Salute

    Final Salute

    Final salute to the four fallen Lakewood police officers. Memorial held in the Tacoma Dome with approximately 25,000 emergency services workers.
  7. Procession Staging

    Procession Staging

    Staging area on a McChord AFB airstrip for a procession 15 miles long of emergency vehicles taking 3 hours to the Tacoma Dome.
  8. Tide Fountain

    Tide Fountain

    Museum of Glass - Tide Inspired Fountain
  9. Glass Collage

    Glass Collage

    Museum of Glass - Part of the Chihuly Bridge of Glass roofing.
  10. Glorious Sunset at Titlow Park

    Glorious Sunset at Titlow Park

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