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  1. landscapes&birds

    Tulips and snow geese

    Today there were almost more people photographing these swans than there were at the tulip festival! By next week the tulips should be in full bloom. What a great day in the Skagit valley!
  2. Tulips


    Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm.
  3. Yellow Brilliance

    Yellow Brilliance

    Yellow tulips with the sun casting down on them. Seen in a demonstration garden during the Annual Skagit County Tulip Festival.
  4. Edged Tulip

    Edged Tulip

  5. Tulips


  6. Spring Green Tulips

    Spring Green Tulips

  7. Purple Tulip

    Purple Tulip

  8. Double Tulip

    Double Tulip

    Double Tulip at Skagit Valley Tulip Festival
  9. Tulip Umbrella

    Tulip Umbrella

    Finding protection from a spring shower under a tulip leaf, this guy is staying DRY!
  10. tulips


  11. red yellow mix

    red yellow mix

    mixed in with the yellow tulips
  12. There's One In Every Crowd

    There's One In Every Crowd

  13. Lost


  14. Backlit Tulips

    Backlit Tulips

    Radiant Red Tulips
  15. Backlit Beauty

    Backlit Beauty

    Van Lierop's Tulips
  16. arlinescott

    Spring in the Northwest

    I love the tulip and daffodil festivals in this area. The colors of the season and nature's final passing of winter with the burst of warm colors in bloom are very exciting and lead to such beautiful shots. I would love to see everyone's perspecitive of this change and promise of better...

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