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  1. Ground Squirrel

    Ground Squirrel

    Farewell Bend State Park, OR.
  2. Roosevelt Elk

    Roosevelt Elk

    At Fort Stevens State Park, OR.
  3. Roosevelt Elk

    Roosevelt Elk

    In the town of Gearhart, OR.
  4. Racoon


  5. Raccoons


  6. Masked Bandit

    Masked Bandit

    In my back yard.
  7. Masked Bandit

    Masked Bandit

    In my back yard.
  8. Masked Bandit

    Masked Bandit

    In my back yard.
  9. Masked Bandit

    Masked Bandit

    In my back yard.
  10. My, What Big Ears You Have

    My, What Big Ears You Have

    We had just parted ways with our friends in Kruger National Park on our way to Mala Mala when we lucked into perhaps the rarest major predator in the park. Every day you can view recent animal sightings in Kruger on the maps at the various camps, and wild dogs were always seen less frequently...
  11. M

    2011 Sisters, Oregon Rodeo

    It's still rodeo season! Here are a few of my captures from the Sisters, Oregon rodeo June 10-12, 2011. Canon 50D and 7D 70-200 2.8L 300 4.0L 16-35 2.8L The light was pretty cooperative late-afternoon to sunset. Lightroom for post-processing
  12. Wild Mountain Lion

    Wild Mountain Lion

    A mountain lion pauses to drink at a spring in Utah's Wasatch Mountains. This is a wild animal (not captive!) that was photographed from a tree stand usually used by hunters.
  13. Illuminated


  14. Darlingtonia


  15. Cow Parsnip

    Cow Parsnip

  16. Oxbow Bend, Teton national park

    Oxbow Bend, Teton national park

  17. Wildflowers in Stanley, Idaho

    Wildflowers in Stanley, Idaho

  18. Dawn Kissed

    Dawn Kissed

    Sunrise at Reflection Lake.
  19. Naches Loop Trail Reward

    Naches Loop Trail Reward

    July wild flowers and unnamed tarn on Naches Loop trail at Chinook Pass.
  20. Maturing Quickly

    Maturing Quickly

    Wild Flowers in Alaska do not have the luxury of long seasons. Frequently all stages of maturity are found on the same plant at the same time.

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