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  1. fiznatty

    Best of 2018

    Here are a few of my favorite shots of the year. You can see my full Best of 2018 list here. Black-billed magpie, Yellowstone Family fun in Ireland Playful fox kits on San Juan Island Great black hawk, Brazil Greg Gaines celebrates an interception in the win over Stanford See the full...
  2. fiznatty

    Brazil 2018 Wildlife & Scenery

    Here's the second part of my Brazil experience this year, featuring the non-bird life. It was a pretty spectacular trip. Our visit to the Amazon yielded a lot of great mammal sightings, including one of the rarest finds of my career and several primates. In all, we saw eleven different monkey...
  3. fiznatty

    Brazil Birds 2018

    Apparently I forgot to share some of my images from my July/August Brazil trip. This was my first time leading a tour in Brazil after scouting it last year. My group and I started out in the southern Amazon before moving on the Pantanal in western Brazil. Both areas were excellent for bird...
  4. fiznatty

    Yellowstone Spring 2018

    I've completed and uploaded the photos from my annual May/June trip to Yellowstone. It was a good trip for a variety of species (spring usually is there), but during my photo tour in the first week of June we had remarkable luck checking every big daily goal we set for ourselves... that almost...
  5. fiznatty

    Idaho Birds & Other New PNW Wildlife Photos

    I've updated my ongoing Pacific Northwest 2018 gallery with photos from my May Idaho and Montana visits, as well as a few miscellaneous shots from my recent San Juan Islands tour (where I photographed all the foxes). View the full gallery here. Here's a short preview: A fox kit peeks out of...
  6. fiznatty

    Costa Rica 2013

    I've been fortunate to visit Costa Rica a number of times over the years, and will be heading back to lead a tour next month. In 2013 I got to spend a full month there. I was leading a couple of tours, and I also had some time in between to fit in some scouting. This ended up being the best...
  7. fiznatty

    Yellowstone 2017

    I made three trips to Yellowstone this year (April, May/June and October), and none were particularly fruitful on the photography side of things. At least, compared to past years. So I combined the images from all three trips into a single gallery. You may view the full gallery here. A...
  8. fiznatty

    Great Bear Rainforest 2017

    My final photo tour of the year took place in British Columbia's Great Bear Rainforest. We started and ended our nine day trip with good weather, with a lot of rain in between. I was joined by a wonderful group of clients as we searched for the spirit bear, grizzly and black bears and other...
  9. fiznatty

    Brazil 2017 Wildlife

    I previously shared my bird photos from my summer trip to Brazil. I've uploaded general wildlife and scenery photos in a separate gallery on my website. Here's a preview: Jaguars are the main attraction in the Pantanal. We had several encounters, and were lucky to witness a lot of...
  10. fiznatty

    Eastern Idaho, May 2017

    In May I drove over to Yellowstone for my annual spring visit, but not without stopping at a couple of refuges in eastern Idaho that produced some nice photo ops for me last year. Though the owl action wasn't nearly as good this year, I still had some nice photo opportunities with various...
  11. fiznatty

    Patagonia 2017 Pumas

    As I mentioned, my May photo tour specifically targeted pumas, which can be seen relatively well in the Andes with proper guiding and tracking. After a great trip for cats last year when I was scouting the location, I knew my clients and I would have pretty good luck this year... but I still...
  12. fiznatty

    Patagonia 2017 Wildlife & Scenery

    In May I led a photo tour in southern Chile. Our main goal was the puma (it's the best place in the world to photograph those cats in the wild), but there's plenty of other cool subject matter to see and photograph. Patagonia and particularly the area around Torres del Paine National Park...
  13. fiznatty

    India 2015 Wildlife

    I finally got around to processing and publishing the images from my early 2015 trip to India. I went there to do some scouting for potential tours, either centered around snow leopards or tigers (or both). Unfortunately, the trip was largely a bust. I did see three snow leopards, all quite...
  14. fiznatty

    PNW Wildlife from January

    I led a three day private tour here in the Pacific Northwest a couple weeks ago. We had excellent weather (which, at this time of year means cold and, more importantly, clear). Activity in some of the usual hot spots was down, which gave us an opportunity spend more time photographing...
  15. fiznatty

    Best of 2016

    I don't see a "Best of 2016" thread down below, and I can't create one on my own, so hopefully an admin can help get it going. In the meantime, here are a couple of my favorites from what was a tremendous year of photography, and a link to my full list of favorite images and moments from the...
  16. fiznatty

    Costa Rica 2016 Wildlife

    I previously shared my bird photos from my Costa Rica trip that took place earlier this year. Now it's time for the rest of the wildlife from that trip. I've uploaded a little over 100 images to a separate gallery, featuring mammals, herps and bugs. You can view the full gallery here. A...
  17. fiznatty

    Costa Rica 2016 Birds

    I've published another gallery of new photos on my website. This time, I finally caught up on processing images from my Costa Rica trip back in March. This trip covered two different photo tours plus a little time on my own in between. I was there nearly a month. Due to the amount of...
  18. fiznatty

    Great Bear Rainforest: 2016 Wildlife & Scenery

    Last month I led my final two tours of the year. These took place in British Columbia's Great Bear Rainforest, a beautiful area that's home to a surprising variety of wildlife. I was up there for a couple weeks, living on a boat during our tours, and we were fortunate to have some nice...
  19. fiznatty

    South Africa 2016 Wildlife

    Due to the high number of keepers from my recent South Africa adventure, I split the photos up into two separate galleries on my website. I already shared the link to the Birds gallery here. Now I've added over 200 photos of other wildlife, including mammals and reptiles. View the South...
  20. Bald Eagles

    Bald Eagles

    A few of my eagle pics, including one of a young one just learning to hunt

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