2 photographers, same subject, different view

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Ok so here is the deal. My family and I was at a friends home last night then i noticed a unique clock on her wall. I grabbed my camera and took a photo of it. When she saw me take the picture she said, "You are the second person to take a picture of that clock. Another other girl had a camera like yours took a picture of that clack, and she is taking (or took) a class on photography." So I found the photo on my friends facebook page to see our different in photographers eye, and style so here are the pictures both have a very different feel.

My photo is the B&W one. Please give me your thoughts and the comparison of the two. I do like the color of the orange color. it gives it a artistic feel to it.


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I think your wall texture and shadows are more interesting. I like the colors of the one on the right but would have liked to have seen the shadow on the bottom not cut off.
I think your wall texture and shadows are more interesting. I like the colors of the one on the right but would have liked to have seen the shadow on the bottom not cut off.
That is EXACTLY!!! my view on the two pictures myself. I saw her color was how it was cropped and really liked it, but it appears that she did not look all around her viewfinder before pressing the shutter release. I think that one lack of detail on her part took away from a very good image.

I see I put this posting in the wrong section, sorry. So I will make it a lesson to us novice photographers. Make sure you observe the entire frame of the subject before you snap the shot, the framing and also the little object that does not belong in the picture. ( the distractions) these two photos are the of the same subject, both are nice, they each give a different feel to the viewer, but one mistake small can make the difference.

Yes I like the B&W also, It really added a feel to the shinny clock, and went well with the texture on the wall.

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My .02 cents is I like the B and W also. Cropping is all good and well as long as the right stuff is cropped. The shadows are more intense with the B & W as well IMO.
I second these sentiments. The B&W is much more interesting. Cropped well (the mis-crop in the color image makes me mad ;) , heavier shadows, better texture.

Well done :)
Your B&W image for sure

There are a couple of compositional things about the B&W image that I think really make it superior.
  1. As has been mentioned, the wall texture is much better - probably due to the angle of the shot, or maybe the pp.
  2. The point of view is more interesting - less straight onto the clock face.
  3. The shadows become a significant part of the story. Notice how, for example, the 3 O'clock fork has disapeared due to its angle to the camera and it has been replaced in the composition by its shadow.
One thing I would suggest. If you have already cropped it, I would widen it a bit on the top and right. That way the tips of the fork's shadow and the knife aren't so close to the edges of the frame. With a little more white space around the clock, the viewer's eye will have a tendency to linger on the subject for a longer time.
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I like the B&W best and if I said why I'd would be redundant to what others have already said. But I will say B&W does give it a more vintage feel and color is more retro. You wouldn't have shot it in color? I'd love to see your angle in color as well :)

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