80d vs 77d

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I've been thinking about upgrading from my Rebel T4i to something newer. I'm a novice user and the camera will be for general photography, mostly outdoor daytime stuff and I would like to pursue wildlife photography mainly.

From a technical standpoint, what I have read is both cameras are essentially the same and in terms of the resulting photos produced. So, when all things being "equal" then price makes the difference. In view of that, unless there are some compelling reason not to, I have been leaning towards the 77d. It is a year newer than the 80d and has been described as more of an upgraded Rebel than being part of the "D" series of Canon bodies, but aside from more subtle differences, the 77d is $250 cheaper through the 42nd store in NY. I learned 42nd St internet offerings are even less expensive, but they are none USA models.

Just throwing this out there for any comments. I put aside any interest in a full frame camera for now, that will be down the road and I've been eyeballing mirrorless just to keep them in the loop.

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