A Day at the Park

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Took a little walk around Fort Borst park in Centralia last week and found that spring really was making an appearance. Trees and shrubs were in bloom, ducks were swimming, gulls were hiding inland from storms on the coast, river otters were frolicking and one lone white goose with pretty blue eyes was staying close and stalking me throughout my visit. Not sure if the intent was positive or negative but it looked ready to strike at any moment so I just tried to keep a safe distance. It was particularly interested in my camera whenever I got close enough for a good shot of the robin. (Which is why that shot was a little blurry.) Still, a good day for photography...

Oh, and I forgot to mention my rare find... The Water Ostrich! That's right, the ever elusive and camera shy water ostrich in photo #3. (Actually the white stalker goose attempting to make me believe it was just going about its normal goose business so I would not suspect him anymore.)


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Great shots Arline...

That goose is quite an impersonator. Looks like since he couldn't convince you that he was an ostrich, he figured he'd try being a Flamingo. :)
Great suff, Arline., I really love the first goose image. Wonderful. It looks like you had quite a nice time hangin' with the local wildlife at the park.

Thanks for sharing :)

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