A Drizzly Afternoon in Lake Oswego Oregon

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With a little extra time on my hands, I decided to head down to one of our local parks. Usually I choose a sunny day to bring my camera but occasional drizzle added a little change of pace.

I've always wondered what this structure was. With a little research I found it once served as a platform for a large hoist that lifted logs to a train that took them to the paper mill in Oregon City. The structure on the top was added later when somebody had the idea to build a residence there. That idea was eventually abandoned and now it reminds me of an old fort watching over the river.

Log Lift by Janice L, on Flickr

Oswego Creek used to be called Sucker Creek before it was renamed.

Sucker creek 2 by Janice L, on Flickr

Sucker Creek and Lichen Clad Trees by Janice L, on Flickr

All year you can find people fishing on the Willamette River or from the river bank for salmon, bass, shad, perch and catfish.

Drizzle on the Willamette by Janice L, on Flickr

Gone Fishing by Janice L, on Flickr

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