Behind the scenes of a small movie

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Over the weekend I was the boom operator/location sound recorder for a small, short movie. I decided to take along my camera and in the few moments of downtime I had, I took some pictures. Thanks for looking and/or telling me what I did wrong!

The director with "Andrew", one of the actors:

The producer, doing whatever it is they do:

This is what happens when someone loses an important piece (and incidentally hires me for sound rather than Steadicam which is what I usually do):

The very nice PA lighting a car interior:

Due to the usual problems with low-budget movies, my car ended up in the movie (as did the producer):

The very nice PA took this one of the lead actress:

If you are curious to see any more, I have a small album of about 20 pictures on Facebook.
Thanks again for your consideration and time!
Ohmygoodness!! Guerrilla filmmaking at its FINEST! :) Man.... this takes me back to shooting full-length feature films on zero budget and relying on your "friends" to show up on shooting day.....


I like the pics.... you can go several different ways with them... you can keep them sort of "raw" like they are which is appealing in it's own way. When doing location story-telling I personally like to make them kinda gritty and contrasty and a little bit edgier. But it's all about personal pref. I think :)


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Dear KAtkins, thanks so much for looking. I guess technically it wasn't guerilla because we had permits, SAG actors, but yeah, it certainly looks that way because the crew was tiny, and despite the shopping cart dolly, professional. But I think you are right, these could probably use some more contrast at least. You are more than welcome to do as you please with them if you feel like it. I'm just a Steadicam op, not a Photoshop master and I'm always happy to learn something new. Thanks again!
Haha! Well that's awesome... your crew was WAY ahead of the curve then! We just got permission to shoot from the property owners and asked friends to be in it.... Man... I don't forget those 18 hour shooting days! :)

It was fun sometimes, though!

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