British Columbia Photographer Intros

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I thought I'd start a topic in each state category for photographers to say hello and tell us where you're located.

It's purely optional of course, but if you'd like, post a quick note saying where you're located and what your interests are. If you've got a website, you're welcome to post that as well.


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hi from Victoria, BC Canada

OK, I will go first.
I live in the outskirts of Victoria (Rural Saanich) and have enjoyed photography for over 40 years now. I now use a Nikon D90;past cameras include Oly E-10 and E-1 along with a few point-shoots. Probably like most of us, I have a gazillion slides waiting to be organized and scanned taken with Pentax and Contax equipment (loved that Ziess lens.)
Now retired, my wife and I hike and kayak around the NW during the summer and escape the rain in the winter to head south to Mexico in our Bigfoot Camper and truck. So I have lots of shots of the US deserts and Mexico.
I enjoy viewing and critiquing photos and appreciate it when I get constructive feedback. I am also open to assisting with travel and photography locations.
This is a great forum ..... keep up the good work.
tks- Dave
Intro #2, I guess. My name is Doug and I live west of Victoria, near Sooke. Moved to the Island October 2007 and have been loving it. I enjoy taking photos but have yet to commit to a digital SLR so have just purchased a Nikon L120. For what I need a camera for it does a very good job. Now I just have to learn all the tricks with the software that came with it. I look forward to getting a lot of tips on this forum.
BCDoug, I LOVE that area up there, wife is from Sidney, I want to go back and do some more shots of Butchart Gardens, wasted 6 rolls of old school film a few years ago, cant wait to go back.. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to