Canadian Rockies in September?

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I am going to have 7 to 10 days in the Canadian Rockies coming from Victoria, BC to travel around in a truck/camper.

I know the area a bit but was wondering if you folks had a few "must shoot" spots, especially ones out of the way a bit. Unfortunately I can't hike like I used to, but 4 to 5 km would be doable. I don't mind a bit of gravel road, especially if there is good bush camping.

It would be nice to shoot something different. Maybe I would stay on the BC side.

Am I likely going to see bad weather if I leave it until late September? (though new snow would be cool.)

Taking my new Nikon D90, 16-85mm, 35mm and my old Olympus E-1 with polarizer filters. Can't wait!

Thanks, ....... Dave
Good evening, I am an old Victorian,(really old!) now living in Kelowna and we have done that trip many times over the years and you should be ok up to mid October.Snow can come any time of course, but late September is a bit early on average.
Great fall colors if you are into that. Don't know much about the bush camping I'm afraid, but wherever you go from Cranbrook East you should enjoy the trip. Icefields Parkway has always been a must in our book. It can get a little chilly sometimes so an extra sweater is always a good idea.Take an extra memory card too, theres lots to see and shoot.

Enjoy the trip, sounds like fun.

Geoff Gwynne


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I like the area around Jasper, the ice fields, waterfalls etc ... and less touristy :)

grew up in Comox, but live in Portland now


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I've never done the trip by road, but the railway line pretty much follows Highway 1 for much of the route. I've done the train trip to both Calgary and Edmonton, and was impressed for pretty much the entire way. I'd love to visit that area again sometime.

The whole area is truly amazing. Banff comes to mind of course, and so does the Fraser River Canyon.

Do you have any particular subjects in mind?


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I have some photo's from Frasier Canyon, but they are packed in garage, Banff is great to see and shoot, if anyone gets the time to go, go see Glacier Natl Park, (Northern Montana and Southern Alberta)


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Dave, we went thru Rogers Pass last week of May, 2 years ago, we went thru snow fall and six foot snow banks along side of the road. dont know about this time of year.


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Nina, I was going to ask if you been to Victoria and Sidney? betting you have. My wife is from Sidney, I love the BC Ferry trip between Swartz Bay and Tsawwassen.


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Ive not been to Victoria yet. Every time we have a day to play the weather is not cooperating. Went to Port Townsend to do a whale watching trip and got hit with a gale warning.....go figure is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to