Costa Rica 2013

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I've been fortunate to visit Costa Rica a number of times over the years, and will be heading back to lead a tour next month. In 2013 I got to spend a full month there. I was leading a couple of tours, and I also had some time in between to fit in some scouting. This ended up being the best trip I've had there, photo-wise. The only problem is that it took me until now to get all the images processed.

But they're finally up, in a new gallery of 168 photos that you can view here. A short preview is below.

Central American squirrel monkey

Geoffroy's spider monkey


A young masked tree frog

Fiery-billed aracari

Crested owls

Baird's tapir, the largest native land animal in Central America

Puma, found on the very last day of the trip

View the full Costa Rica 2013 gallery here.

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