Edmonds Marsh Mystery Skull

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Bill Anderson

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On 5-2-18 I discovered a skull sitting on the #2 swallow box at the marsh. I assumed it had been placed there by a bird such as a gull, crow, or raptor.

Sunday afternoon (5-6-18) I walked out to the swallow box and retrieved the skull.
Front view.

My son Daren placed his hand behind it for size comparison.

Side view.

Top view.

I took the skull home to measure it and try to identify it. According to a website on skull identification, the six small teeth at the front of the skull are incisors and the two long teeth, which measure 14mm long, are canines. The three teeth behind each canine are pre-molars. The fourth tooth back is either a pre-molar or a molar. The last two teeth back are molars.

The skull measures 65mm at its widest point and 51mm from the incisors to the rear molars. I don't believe it was part of a fresh kill as it was dry and odorless. There was no blood or body parts on or beneath the swallow box. I think that whatever carried the skull to the swallow box did not kill the animal but scavenged the skull.

The only wild animals I can think of that reside at the marsh or anywhere near it that have canine teeth are coyotes, weasels, racoons, otters, and possums. There is also the possibility that the skull is that of a domestic dog or cat. I'll try to ID the skull in the days ahead, but readers are welcome to venture a guess and post it here.
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Bill Anderson

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I posted a link to these photos on Tweeters. So far there has been one vote for a racoon skull based on the arrangement of the teeth. I once photographed a yawning racoon and was surprised at how large its canine teeth were.

Here is a link to a photo of a racoon skull. You can see that the tooth arrangement is identical to the skull from the marsh.

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