Edmonds Smoke Screen

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Bill Anderson

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Wildfires east of the Cascades produced has a smoke screen over the Puget Sound Region for several days. Here are some photos I took Wednesday (9/6/17). I used the HDR feature of my 5DIII and 7DII to reproduce in photos what was perceived by my eye + brain.

The day started with some morning photos from my front porch.


Next stop was the Edmonds marina and fishing pier.


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Bill Anderson

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A photo from my back deck looking west.

I finished the day at Lake Ballinger. I am standing in the park in Mountlake Terrace looking southwest to the Edmonds side of the lake.




Terry O

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Fascinating shots, Bill! I think we'll all be glad to see the end of the smokey days! In the meantime, the smoke has provided some beautiful and unusual opportunities to photograph the sun without filters. Here's four images I made from our deck in Woodway looking West. All taken on Tuesday around 6 PM on with the Canon 500mm f4L and 5Diii.

9-5-2017 smokey sun at 6P_2457.JPG

9-5-2017 smokey sun at 6P_2430.JPG

9-5-2017 smokey sun at 6P_2487.JPG

9-5-2017 smokey sun at 6P_2532.JPG

Bill Anderson

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Not as spectacular as Terry's shots, but here are two I took down at the fishing pier Thursday (9/7/17) while I was photographing the swallow-tailed gull.



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