Edmonds (WA) Coyotes

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Bill Anderson

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A coyote had been spotted at the Edmonds marsh earlier in the week. I was at the marsh Tuesday evening (5-15-18) and suspected one was nearby due to the ruckus raised by crows on the other side of the treeline along Willow Creek. On cue, the coyote casually entered stage left.




It went back to the creek, where I suspected it would work its way downstream in the hopes of catching a duck. It appeared in an opening in the foliage and played with a branch it tore off one of the trees. The coyote's behavior leads me to believe that a pet dog's desire to play fetch with a stick is instinctual.


The coyote was not afraid to wade into water up to its chest.
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Bill Anderson

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The coyote shook itself off and started playing. It chased its tail and found something to toss around like a kitten or puppy would do.





Bill Anderson

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This went on for several minutes, after which the coyote ran around in circles through the cattails and grass.


Should I be lucky enough to photograph more coyotes in the marsh or around town, I'll post my photos on this thread.
You get to the point as a photographer where the big goals and standout moments you're seeking typically involve some sort of unique behavior. I think this qualifies. :)


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