Gear Review: MindShift Gear's FirstLight 30L Photo Pack

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In the last couple months I've had some opportunities to test MindShift Gear's new line of photo packs aimed at outdoor "big lens" photographers. In this case, I was sent a review copy of the 30L, the mid-sized model in their new FirstLight series. I approached the review looking at the 30L both as a travel pack for the more casual nature photographer, and as a hiking pack for the more adventurous photographer who likes to hit the trail. I thought this may interest some of you wildlife shooters that may be looking for a bag that fits larger lenses.

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Max: Thanks for the review. You mentioned the problem of packing the rigid plastic sunshade for your 4.0/500L telephoto lens. I have a possible solution for those who may not want to pack the sunshade in their checked luggage. My first large telephoto lens was a used second series Canon 2.8/400L that came without a sunshade. Rather than spend $$$ on a genuine Canon plastic sunshade, I bought a Comfy Cone.

The Comfy Cone is a collar put around a dog's head to prevent it from biting out stitches after surgery. The cones are made of a washable fabric and fold flat for packing in a photo pack. They can be purchased at pet stores and come in various sizes. Mine is a medium and fits the Canon 2.8/400L I used to own and the 4.0/500L I currently own.


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LensCoat and AquaTech also make "flexible" lens hoods that can be packed flat. Probably a bit more expensive than the Comfy Cone though (in the $120-150 range). ;)

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