Hawthorne Bridge at night

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I need to work on coming up with more interesting titles perhaps, but here is the one photo that I am happy enough with to present to you, which I took the one warm night Saturday, while riding around on my bike:

Thanks for looking, any opinions are welcome!
This is SENSATIONAL, Timmo. Very, very good.

The composition, lighting, color tone... all perfect.

I love it, bro.

(claps hands in applause)

Wowsers :)


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Thanks so much! You're too kind.
This photo was my first try at understanding the hyper-focal markings on my lens. I'd like to think it worked out ok.
great image. This is a perfect example of foreground (boardwalk/pier), subject (Bridge), background (City).. keeps the viewers eye busy and makes for a very interesting image. well done !!!

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