How do I upload photos?

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Welcome to the forum Ken.... its nice to have a fellow British Columbian come aboard. Its very easy to upload a pic onto the photo contest. All you have to do is go to the forums list and you will find the list for the contest, or even click on the link on the front page which shows the current going contest.

When you go in, click the "reply" button and it will show a spot to write your story and then scroll down and click on "manage attachments". A box will appear giving you the option to upload. Do just that and you should be fine.

Not stupidity by any means, I had the same issue when I first subscribed to a list similar to this.

Hope this helps!

Chris W.


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Ken you are on the right track but missed a couple steps. Since you are linking images from flikr, here are the steps. At least how it applies in this forum. But most other forums work the same. If you are posting in groups in Flickr the instructions vary because you use the HTML scripts instead.

Go to flickr and grab the image link It's the URL.

Then on PNWPhoto look for the picture icon on the top of the message box see step 1. Click on it and a box will come up Step 2 paste in the url hit enter and you're good to go.


I always like to preview the message first. If I'm not wearing my glasses or maybe had one too many glasses of wine I might hit the neighboring link icon and just get the url pasted in the text :) like this


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