Humpback Whale

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David, I'm curious, how did you manage to get that shot? You have to be pointed in the right direction and all, and you obviously snapped it right as he was at the top of his jump, or at least close to it. How do you know when they'll surface and where? What's the story of an image like this one?

How fortunate you are for being able to capture that image.
You're right about that Janice! Wonder how we can get job shooting "Whale Agility" in Maui? Not that I don't like dogs, mind you, but still, that looks like a pretty sweet gig!
Bob, I was on a Pacific Whale Foundation whale watching tour and taking pictures of several whales with a fast shutter speed and 250 zoom. I actually was able to get a series of 7 shots of the whale jumping and splashing back into the ocean. I was very fortunate to get the shot. If I get a chance I will post the series. It was pretty cool!
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Wow, that's a great series! I've never done the whale watching expeditions, though I've certainly thought about it. Anyone tried the local ones in and around Seattle? If so, are they worthwhile? (I'm sure Muai would be great, but it's not in the budget).
Excellent sequence.

That is one fine breach series! Did I spy a baby whale poking it's head up in the second shot?

From experience, I can say they aren't that easy. I got a few breaches down in Baja last year, but nothing this good. When you are out in a small boat, you have to be looking 360 degrees and then get camera into position, zoomed, focused, and shooting. By the end of the day, my neck was sore from all the head swiveling. ;)

Bob, at least in dog agility, I would think to some extent you know where the dog is going to be before you shoot. And BTW, it works this way - people pay top dolar just to get a chance to do this. You expect to get paid for it?? Dream on! :D
Pretty cool stuff! The one and only opportunity I've had to shoot wales was out at Westport, Wa. The seas were really rough which made it tough....that and having to shoot over all the people leaning on the rail barfing :eek:

Yeah Mike, I believe there was a calf and mother nearby. The one in the shot was a big male escort. It was the first time I've been whale watching....we saw many, many whales. I also got a lot of shots of tails and fins. I agree with the comment of having your head on a 360 swivel. The water was pretty calm but the boat still pitched a lot making photgraphy difficult! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to