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I have been crafting pictures for over Two Decades. At this point in time I have been using a wonderful 7D2 for crafting My bird pictures and all my other types of pictures. I recently added a 5D4. Does this camera make my 7D2 obsolete? Of course not. The 7D2 has better and sensitive Af . When using AI servo. When using my weapon of choice, The Tamron 150-600 G2. Has the reach I need when crafting pictures in the Skagit Valley or at Union Bay in Seattle. The 5D4 with the Tamron has great reach and high Iso, plus good AF. I have found so far that the AF on the 5D4 is not as fast in AI servo to acquire its target and lock on as the 7D2 can. For Stills? What can I say, The 5D2 can craft a picture like no other camera I have ever used before.
The reason I write this is. Can or will Canon make a 5D5 or 7D3? DLSR sales have dropped 50% across All brands in the last two years. I plan on using these two camera body's as long as I can. To me both body's the pinnacle of Canon DLSR Tech. R,J

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I cannot disagree with anything you said. My daily arsenal is the 5D3 + 7D2 + 1Dx. I still have my old 7D as a backup, but it seems so primitive compared to the others.
So I have Spent some time in the last few months with the 5DIV. Wonderful camera. But I have to say the 7DII has the better AF. What are your thoughts? You use a 1DX, For the last month I have been using the 5DIV. Yesterday I brought my 7DII to Union Bay to film the Osprey. More reach using the Tamron 150-600 G2. The 7DII clearly has the more responsive Af for BIFS.


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