Marsh hare 6-20-18

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Bill Anderson

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Wednesday evening I photographed a rabbit at the Edmonds marsh near the #2 (main) viewing platform. It must have been very young as it was the smallest rabbit I have ever seen.


I should have taken some wide-angle shots of the rabbit with the plants as background to give a size perspective as to how small the rabbit was.


I have lived in Edmonds nearly 27 years. Although I have seen rabbits elsewhere in the area, I had never seen rabbits at the marsh or in my neighborhood until last year. Coincidentally, a rabbit was grazing in my front yard when I returned home from taking these photos. Someone told me these rabbits are eastern cottontails that were introduced into the state by hunters back in the 1920's and 30's.
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Bill Anderson

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2019 update: The marsh hares are reproducing like rabbits. A young one was present near the walkway Thursday afternoon (8-8-19). I had never seen one at the marsh until 2017. I think the coyotes are getting lazy.


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