Mig Lake

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nice comp and I love the patterns the clouds make in the water...IDK if it's my monitor but I feel like it could be brightened a bit...


Staff member
Christena, the lake looks a little dark on my monitor too, but if he went any brighter, then the sky would be all washed out. This is one of those shots that has a high dynamic range, and it's hard to capture in one image.
I do have a bigger version of this one, but unfortunately it's not online... and since I actually made it to work this morning (I need the hours right now...), I can't provide a larger version until I get home tonight. :confused:

I can put up a full-res version tonight, and if anyone wants to try working with a RAW version, I can e-mail that to you, or I can see if I have FTP set up on my web site. :)

I did start working it HDR-style in PS, but I'm not that good at it yet, so the result so far isn't actually any better, and I got caught up with some other work that I actually NEED to get done, so I haven't gotten too far down that road yet.

All that said, I don't mind any of you playing with it, so I'm sorry that I don't have a bigger version online to share with you right now :-/


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Sounds like a good candidate for our neglected "Photoshop This!" category. Please post a link to the larger version there, and we can let folks play.
I will do that!

The "Photoshop This!" category is a great idea, I've learned a lot about optimizing images with similar sorts of forums in the past :)

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