Old House #2 (mystery house)

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I managed to find myself a bit off the usual path today, first going by this place:

The glare in my eyes confused me, and I ended up going this way for a while:

But I eventually found shelter here. The roof needs some work but the tree in front reminds me of where I grew up (Cleveland):

Of course there was the usual stuff:

But I am totally mystified by what I found in the last room:

I think it can only be aliens who would leave a shopping cart filled with track lighting. Maybe they went to get another cart for the pile on the floor?
Thanks for looking and reading my nonsense! What really happened? Was the house supposed to be turned into an art gallery?
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I thought my directions were pretty good! But the first picture is from Grass Valley, OR and the house is on a backroad near Kent, OR.

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