Rainier Sunrise

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I've challenged myself to shooting at least one photo per day for 2011, no limit on the subject or the place. Since I was in Gig Harbor for the New Year, I got out before dawn yesterday. This is Rainier from the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. As the sun was rising, Rainier kind of looked like it was errupting.


Staff member
Great photo!

very cool, good luck on the picture-a-day project
Yeah, good luck on that, it's a neat goal, though challenging. I thought about trying that as well, and made it all of two days before I didn't get a photo. Had to work at my day job today, and since I left before dark and got home after dark, I didn't get any good shots, including the gorgeous view of Mt Rainier turning a lovely pink that I saw on the way home (sans camera)

That's OK though, I'm going to bend the rules a bit, and say my personal challenge is to take a photo a day whenever it's reasonable.

Of course if you count a cell phone photo, then I did take a photo today.


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Oh, there was definitely a lot to photograph, the problem wasn't lack of subjects but lack of time, I think we can all relate.

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