Ridgefield 12/27/2012

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The break in the weather brought out a grove of birders yesterday, anyway a lady that was just ahead of us asked me to id an owl she had just photographed her photo wasn't very good so I couldn't. So my daughter and I decided to make another loop around the refuge to see if we could get a shot. Well the lady must have asked everyone in the refuge to i.d. her shot because there was a mad dash back to that spot with 6 different vehicles. Needless to say I just passed on by because there were too many people.

more here: http://bit.ly/VlFGr8
Hi Mitch. Was the owl located near marker 13? It's probably the short eared owl. It's been on the birding community radar for a couple of weeks now. I took the lead and went out there last Saturday and hung out in that particular area of the refuge for over an hour and could not locate it. Seems like it is still there, Sunday someone reported seeing it... Doh! It may be time for another trip out there :)

There are a lot of red tailed hawks there too!
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