saving to memory card?

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No its not full..... i will find the other card and try it. never had that happen before.... is that little tab suppose to be up or down on the side.. i did try each way and its says the same thing


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what kind of card is it? sounds like maybe an SD card? those have a write-protect feature, which is that little sliding tab... if that's in the wrong position (tab slid down away from the card contacts), you can't write to the card. can you read what's on it?
yes its an SD card.. i formatted it yesterday.. still not saving... maybe will get new one
I used another card and it was fine... the little tab is up on the other one.. but still says the same thing... Card is copywrited" hmmmm .. at leas the other one works
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If your SD card is malfunctioning try to use an eraser from a pencil then rub it on the gold part of the SD card then place it again in your memory. I often do this in the RAM of my PC and SD card of my camera.


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If your SD card is malfunctioning...
... Throw it away and buy a new one! Consider it to be "digital film". Remember when you had to buy film and pay for developing? In comparisons this is cheap.

They do wear out eventually. Do you really want to risk the chance of losing some image you worked really hard to capture? It's a critical component in your digital imaging workflow. If there's any doubt that it's not functioning at 100%, get one that you can absolutely, positively, totally trust.

Unless you're buying a huge card with high speed for things like video, the prices are pretty reasonable these days.
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