Scotts Mills Park

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I used to live near Mt Angel, but its been a long time since I've been down there. Awesome looking park though so maybe I need to go back.

I like your exposure, the smoothness of the water and the trees in the foreground. The fall colors jump out too. Both are nice shots.

I think the blues in the water are a little cold on the color temp... Maybe its how Efex pulled them up and maybe its just me. Either way the pictures make me want to check out the park.


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Those are nice shots. I agree, the blues in the water are strong. However, the same strong blues make for a very nice looking sky.

So, at this point you have some options, here are a couple I'd suggest.

1) Say "It's HDR, and I like the look, the blues stay!" (Simple and easy)

2) Take the photo into your favorite editor and tone down the blues in the water. I'd probably do that by creating a duplicate layer, de-saturating it a bit, and then use a layer mask to paint in the less saturated water. Of course there are lots of ways to do it, that's just one option. In this particular image, I'd only try and do the waterfall, there's so much brush and leaves in the rest of the shot it's going to be very difficult to layer. But you could do the falls fairly easily and I suspect that would help with the blue water look.
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