Seeing Differently at the Zoo

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Zoos are a great place to practice shooting (not a good word to use but this is a photography site) animals. The thing is, we all have great images of the lions, tigers, and bears (oh my). What about finding the less popular or, even better, the less seen shots? Capturing Details I recently had… Please Support Our Partners:
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This is something I have done my entire life. I believe that I can never be bored by any type of surrounding. There is always so much to see in the details. These photos are from a zoo, but no animals. The textures just drew me in... (Had I known there was a snake in the basket, I probably wouldn't have gotten as close.) I use these types of texture files in my graphic design work, scrapbooks and card fronts. Sometimes I will use paint textures, rust or dust and scratches to add depth to some of my portrait work as well. (Never missed solving the What is This puzzle on the back of Highlights magazine at the dentist. Can also find Waldo in a short amount of time. lol)
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