Spam, Spam, Spam, Baked Beans and Spam...

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Baked beans are off, would you like to substitute spam for 'em?

The forum is under pretty much continous attack by spammers. We constantly struggle between locking it down so tight nobody can join, and making it accessible enough to be easy to join, which means spammers do their thing.

We have quite a few measures in place, but when you hire kids in South Africa for 3 cents an hour, you can simply use "brute force" and that's what many spammers do. Most of them get rejected before they even sign up. As an example, there were approximately 75 blocked attempts to register by spammers yesterday.

Today we have an especially creative one get in and send a bunch junk before he was noticed and nuked. So, if you got a message saying you have a visitor message from "zeitzelwind", ignore it. They've been deleted, he's been banned, and the message was pure spam.

Sorry about that!

We now return you to your regular photography discussion, already in progress.
This is the reason I have most of the IP ranges blocked for China, Russia, Africa, Middle East, half of Europe, South America, Middle East, China (you can't have to many blocks for China), etc. I have a message that if someone legitimate from these areas really wants to talk about dogs in my forum, they can send email and I'll be glad to consider it. :D The first thing I do with new users is run their IP address through and if it's outside of North America, it gets blocked. I've only had one person send email out of India that tried to get on and it wasn't about dogs, it was a person we knew from our early computer days back in the 90's that ran across our names while surfing.

When I moderated Zuga, it was a constant battle and sometimes I was banning the new logins as fast as they were signing up. Some people (or robots) are very persistent sometimes. :D But it is all behind the scene stuff that most people don't realize that forum owners and moderators do to keep things clean on a site. So thanks for your work, Bob.

But you are right, I can
be carefull also some of the IP's you bloc from outside of America can get good people too. I knwo recently due to my relocating sometimes my IP lists as comeing form .JP or the local Military base. /boggle


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That's part of the problem. No matter what type of net you cast, you'll catch some of the good guys too. Take Russia for example, lots of spams. But I have a legit member from Russia in another forum who's very active.
I would say spam discourages new members even more than blocked IPs do. Of course a site has to consider where their users come from. Most of mine are all North America, so I don't mind blocking the "maybe" one or two legitimate people interested in my site with the benefit of blocking hundreds of bogus users wanting to leave spam and trying to hack into my site. Almost all of the hackers are robot programs that have a list of routines to try when they connect with a forum. This is why even a few simple things, like requiring the new user to answer a question can keep them from successfully logging in. It was so much better back in the 80's and into the mid 90's fighting hackers, back then you had a phone number that could be traced back if need be, which I did. I surprised more than a few kids that thought they were untraceable when they called into my board and left trash messages or tried to hack it and I called their house and talked to their parents. But any more it really is hard to block or trace them and it's just one of those things you put up with to be able to run a forum.

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