Switching Under Threatening Skies

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Portland & Western's OE Local works an agricultural facility at Hopmere (Brooks), Oregon. Storm clouds lingering above have the local's crew hustling to get the work done before the downpour begins. C&C always welcome.


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The bright sun and the storm clouds makes a photo so much more interesting than plain old blue sky. You really captured the trains and the colors well.


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What in the world is a mainline wedgie, and does it have anything to do with what I once gave my cousin?
Ah, welcome to the world of "Foamers", aka Railroad Fans.

In this case, a "wedgie" does not involve your underwear and being stuffed into your locker in Junior High. It's the "standard" railroad photo. Also known as a 3/4 Wedge shot, it allows you to show both the front and side of the train, providing a good clear view of the locomotive and showing the rest of the train, or at least some of it. The "mainline" part means it's on a main track, which usually also means the same type of trains day after day. Boring and predictable...

It's often called a 3/4 Wedgie since you're about 3/4 of the way between shooting the train straight on from the side, and being directly in front of the train.

They're nice, they look good, they're predictable and usually about as interesting as Vanilla Ice Cream. They're also easy to shoot, since you know the formula. They're also nice and safe to do, since you're well away from the track, while still having a clear view. All in all, not a bad shot, just not exactly creative.

Here's a sample: (Yawn...)
Of course, if you've never had a good view of a Sounder train, they are also very helpful.

What I meant: It's nice to see someone delving into everyday occurrences that are often overlooked in favor of easier, but very familiar, photos.

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