Thunderstorm 5-13-2011 to 5-14-2011

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It was Friday the 13th yesterday, almost got hit by lightning. I could feel my hair stand on end as a bolt hit a tree less than 3,000 feet away. That's when I decided to take some photos:

I also took some video, its about 30 mins of me talking to myself and 5-10 seconds of lightning. If I have some time this weekend, I'll edit it down and post it on my Facebook page.


2. Combination of #1 and another.




Thanks mcsharley.


Lightning trigger is too dang expensive. I just wing it with the 30 second exposure, but no lens cap. I think the settings were:

Canon 5D w/ 24-105L @ 50mm, f/10, 30 seconds.

I think I'm experienced enough with lightning shots, look at some photos here:

Lightning/Thunderstorms are my favorite subject to photograph, except they are quite rare here in Washington.
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Busy guy. You really need to visit Tucson, AZ in late August if you really want to have fun with lighting. Amazing storms alomost every nite. It's also the off season, as it is quite hot that time of year. Looking forward to the video. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to