Vancouver Island Supply Boat

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On the West Coast of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada, many communities are difficult or impossible to reach by road. They are serviced by supply boats which deliver supplies and passengers to stops along their regular routes. This trip aboard the MV Uchuck III was a two-day journey from Copper River BC to Zeballos and return. You may remember one or two of these shots from previous requests for pp help - sorry for the duplication, but I thought they helped to tell the story.

Photos in the next three replies:
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Supply Boat 1 - first 5 pics

  • Ready to depart

  • Sailing into the morning mist

  • Once underway, we got a "tour" of the wheelhouse. Not what you'd expect for a modern cruise ship, but fully serviceable. The captain said "Don't touch any of the brass!" We were careful. He was bashful, and didn't want his picture taken.

  • Our first stop - a fish farm

  • Unloading fish food. Twelve of these 2200 lb bags were delivered here - about one week's supply.
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Supply Boat 2 - next 5

  • Now I know why they put nets across the top of these pens. The fish are quite active!

  • A full back flip with 1 1/2 twists. I'd score it a 9.6!

  • Right Full Rudder! On to the next stop.

  • Unloading a family's household goods at Esperanza, BC. They even moved the house plants.

  • Our overnight stop - Zeballos, BC.
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Supply Boat 3 - final 5

  • A floating Post Office

  • A fishing boat returning to port.

  • Dropping off holiday guests. We didn't even tie up , they just stepped off as soon as the boat paused at the dock.

  • Nothing for this place. That's good - we would have had a hard time docking there.

  • All in all, a wonderful experience!

If you got this far, thanks for looking. This was a little longer than the usual essay post. I'd be interested in hearing which, if any, shots could be removed without loosing something.
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very cool, love that shot of the returning fishing boat! a former colleague used to have a summer cabin on a small island near Tofino... only way to get supplies was by boat from town, and even Tofino is quite remote by land! much as i love the outdoors and nature, living up there would be just a bit too remote for my liking...
Thanks, you're right about the remote part! Zeballos has a road, but the locals told us it's a 3+ hour drive on rough gravel just to get to the paved highway. Then at least another hour to get to "town" - Cambell River. That would never work for me! I seem to make 2 or 3 trips to Home Depot for every weekend project.


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The 3rd one of the wheel house is awesome. The lighting gives a great 3D effect. However, my question is: What happened to the head of the guy in #5???? :)


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great pics

I do the Uchuck every year ... great trip, and the scenery is always different
you see lots of bears, whales etc
love it when they lift full size trucks off the boat

did you see those little one man push tugs doing the logging stuff? I wanna drive one of those ...


i love that picture it is awesome it put a smile on my face when i see beautiful pictures like mountain reflection off the water. it was hot that day or cold outside is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to