Vancouver Island Wolves & Wildlife

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Thought I'd share a few shots from an early October trip I took up to Vancouver Island. I went specifically to find the wolves I'd heard about this summer, and was fortunate to get a few fleeting shots my first day. No luck the rest of the time, though I did run into some other wildlife.

The full gallery can be viewed here.

On photos 2 and 3 it looks like you shot them at 700mm so I imagine you would have a pretty narrow depth of field but even that that, the foreground doesn't feel quite right. Did you photoshop extra blur in? It's most pronounced on #3. I love photo #1!!
The wolves were found hanging around an inlet. These were shot from a Zodiac, and since it was low tide we were somewhat limited in our mobility (the boat got stuck several times).

The out of focus foreground you see is either foreground rocks (we were below the wolves in the close-up shots) or nearer shoreline. In the case of image #3 especially, the wolf is back along the beach a good 40-50 yards beyond the foreground promontory that was jutting out. Had I stood up, I'm sure I could've tried to shoot without the foreground distractions in the way (though it would be tough the way the boat was rocking), but of course standing up probably would've scared the wolves off.

I don't typically add "extra blur" or clone out branches, grass, etc. in my images. If I do, I usually note them as "illustrations" or mention the manipulation.

If you're interested in the specific location, please contact me privately. I'll be happy to share details.

Very nice. Thanks for the extra info.

I was in Yellowstone recently and saw a single wolf at about 100 yards. There's nothing like seeing them in the wild! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to