Waterbirds of the Edmonds Waterfront

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Terry O

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I looks like the last day of reasonable weather for a while, so I lugged my 500 down to the Edmonds Beach adjacent to the pier.

This male Bufflehead was reasonably close. I tried to catch him just as he would dive, but never got the timing right.
1-7-2014 bufflehead edmonds_8101c2.JPG

Bill Anderson arrived, so I was sure something fabulous would land, but no luck :( However, there was a nice 2-year Ring-billed Gull that floated by.
1-7-2014 2nd year ring-billed gull edmonds_8154.JPG

And thanks to Bill being there, he spotted this juvenile California Gull (I think) that had just caught a crab.
1-7-2014 juv  California  gull with crab edmonds_8170.JPG
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