Wooden Tripod Home Built

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Seems interesting to build, could be heavier than most Pro Photographers would like.
First page go to bottom and click "Tripod Shoulders and Head"
Bottom of second page click " Macro Photography"
and some other interesting concepts also.



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Wood is nice and warm during cold weather, dampens vibrations well, and looks pretty.

If you do make one, be sure to post photos. I love looking at projects others do even if I completely lack the skills to do them myself.


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I have thought about the wooden tripod project for some time now, I could start it here at present house but have someone coming to look at house to sell it on monday, should be moved to Portland by march sometime, hope to find a house with a good place to set up shop, then I can look into this,

Just thought of another project too.
Wooden Clock


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That's a nice looking tripod! Remind me of the wood tripods survey crews use. They're wood, and for the same reasons Jake mentioned, stable, low vibration etc. The survery ones look to be about $150 to $300 or so online.

I suspect that the reason you rarely if ever see them used for cameras is that they're bulky and heavy. You'd also have to create some means of mounting a tripod head to them, which may be a challenge, depending on the tripod.

Of course they do sell gorgeous polished wood camera tripods, particularly for medium and large format cameras. They support the weight well, and look appropriate to the camera. The prices are also polished and impressive. :)


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Yep, that is a pretty piece of work. I do wonder what the cost of material is though and if I could get a better quality commercially made one with head for the same price. Plus to make the wood model you need the expensive tools and skill that comes with time.
I think I have the skills to build this wooden tripod, but the cost of shop tools I would have to invest in, to do this project right you are looking cose to $1000.00...or more, just for the tools and equipment, then the lumber, hardware...

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