You look'n at me?

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I don't get many opportunities to get shots this close.

7DM2007658wcr close crop.jpg

Not my typical crop but for some reason I like it.

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Bill Anderson

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Please explain 'storm' wigeon. I'm not familiar with the term.

Rocky pioneered the term "storm wigeon" on this site. ;)

A "storm" wigeon is one in which the light yellow coloration that is normally found on the just the top of its head continues all the way down its face to its neck.

Compare the storm wigeon in your avatar with my photos of an ordinary American wigeon taken 12-20-17 at Sprague Pond/Mini Park in Lynnwood.



I will now pay more attention to individual wigeons in the flocks I see this winter.
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Thank you for the explanation Bill.
I had never paid that much attention to the head markings before.
I think I just assumed that it was the difference between sub-adult vs adult.
Now I know better. ;>)

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