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    I made three trips to Yellowstone this year (April, May/June and October), and none were particularly fruitful on the photography side of things. At least, compared to past years. So I combined the images from all three trips into a single gallery.

    You may view the full gallery here. A short preview is below.

    American badger

    A black bear walks along the shores of Rainy Lake.

    Elk silhouetted on a ridge at dusk

    Canada geese and other waterfowl on a hazy morning in Hayden Valley

    A yellow-bellied marmot sunbathes above a frozen lake in the Beartooth Wilderness.

    I finally found river otters in the park again, probably the highlight of my park trips this year.

    A rainbow over the famed Lamar Valley

    View the full gallery of 137 images here.


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    Good find on the badger. I enjoy seeing them, even if Raul doesn't.
    Bill Anderson; Edmonds (near Seattle), WA.

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