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Thread: Edmonds pier 11/29

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    Default Edmonds pier 11/29

    Took a friend to the pier this afternoon, after some business she had in Lynnwood. The gray skies managed to hold off raining, and we got some interesting shots. Here are a few of mine...

    This rhinoceros auklet surfaced about 30 feet out from the pier... closest I've seen one!

    There was a Bonaparte's gull bobbing around about 25 yards out...

    And a common loon in non-breeding colors spent about 2 hours drifting and snoozing in the bay between the breakwater and the ferry dock...

    ~ Rocky

    "Out where the rivers like to run, I stand alone, and take back something worth remembering..."
    ~ Three Dog Night


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    Good shots. I haven't been down to the pier for awhile. Glad some winter migrants are starting to show up.
    Bill Anderson; Edmonds (near Seattle), WA.


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